Like many people, I never understood the concept of safety harnesses for children until I birthed a wild child of my own.  I’m the mama to one fiercely independent toddler who looks danger in the face and blows a big fat raspberry at it.  It’s up to me to keep her safe and since she often refuses to hold hands and makes herself boneless in protest, this Animal Planet backpack harness has been a lifesaver for me.  



Our whole family took a trip to a local Christkindl Market festival over the weekend and it was jam packed with people.  We brought the stroller along, but as expected Lizzie wiggled free from the stroller and wanted to walk.  Having the harness backpack gave us the reassurance that she would never get too far ahead of us.    As you can see in the picture, there’s a plush lead for adults to hold.  The lead is also detachable so that you use this as just a regular backpack, too.  


harness collage

Since the harness is also a backpack {and kids love backpacks!!}, she never refuses to put a snuggly little friend on her back.  So far she has also enjoyed packing a few small toys into the zipper pocket in the back.  For little ones, putting this backpack on is similar to dragging a favorite stuffed animal along on an adventure.  

We are going to get so much use out of this harness backpack in the next few years, especially since we live in town and love going “the uptown way” as she says.  

You can snag this backpack  on Amazon for less than $15 — be sure to check out all the animal options!