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Let’s Go See – Visionworks To Give Away Thousands of Eye Exams to Children

Do your kids need an eye exam?  Visionworks is prepared to give away thousands of eye exams and glasses through their Let’s Go See initiative on #GivingTuesday, November 29th.   Let’s Go See is a national movement to raise awareness of the importance of annual eye exams for children as part of their yearly health routine. Visionworks and Davis Vision are giving away 10,000 comprehensive eye exams and complete pairs of glasses to children in need. The goal is single-focused: for children to get annual eye exams. Every child. Every year. So, if a child between the ages of 5 and 18...

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Singing Care Bears Will Make You Reminiscent of Your 80’s Childhood

I was in kindergarten when the Care Bears first stared down evil villains and saved hearts in the name of love and friendship.  We played Care Bears everything – imagine my five year old self running around at recess poking my belly out yelling, “Care Bear countdown!!  3-2-1… stare!”  I may have had something to do with the recent introduction of Care Bears to my daughters, ages 7 and 2.  Who wouldn’t want their kids to get interested in characters who cherish friendship and cooperation?  It started with binge watching the new Care Bears series on Netflix, which is...

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Animal Harness Backpack – A Must Have for Toddlers

Like many people, I never understood the concept of safety harnesses for children until I birthed a wild child of my own.  I’m the mama to one fiercely independent toddler who looks danger in the face and blows a big fat raspberry at it.  It’s up to me to keep her safe and since she often refuses to hold hands and makes herself boneless in protest, this Animal Planet backpack harness has been a lifesaver for me.     Our whole family took a trip to a local Christkindl Market festival over the weekend and it was jam packed...

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Every Playroom Needs a Teepee

My kids are crazy about cozy spaces… blanket forts, beds covered in stuffed animals, tents, you name it.  With my girls, their imaginations seem to really soar when I help them add a cozy place to play, but unfortunately our house is just too small for a permanent blanket fort.    For Christmas, they’re going to be so excited when they see this amazing Discovery Kids teepee tent next to the tree!  They’re going to love it because it’s big and just waiting for an adventure and I love it because it stores easily but also looks stylish hanging out...

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Hot Toy – Shopkins Kinstructions!

In a previous post, I may have mentioned that my kids are obsessed with Shopkins.  Like the beanie baby craze of the 90’s, I often find myself {as a parent!} totally sucked into the madness.   They are cute, the blind baskets are fun to open, they have adorable names {which my daughter never fails to remember}, and the playsets are clever. Did I mention that season 4 blind baskets are now available?  They’re crates and they stack… and my seven year old has promised to clean up her playroom after school today.  Best $3 I will ever spend....

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