Is the thought of back-to-school shopping stressing you out?  Wondering if you can get it all done within your budget? Today I’m sharing tips for staying on budget, great deals on back-to-school gear, & coupons for the classroom wishlist.   Looking for coupons?  Feel free to skip to the bottom of this post! 

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Start with a plan: Before you rush off to Target and start throwing every adorable pencil case in your cart, create a  back-to-school shopping list and budget for each child. Get the kids involved {build those math skills, mama!} and teach them to budget for the items they want most.  For example, if they want an expensive pair of shoes, they’ll need to spend less on their backpack.

Shop your closet: Before you load up on the latest denim sale, go through your drawers at home.  There’s a chance that some of your kids’ pants & shirts still fit from the previous school year.  If you have multiple kids, start the process of handing down clothes to the next sibling.  Consider doing this with friends, too!  Who could resist a coffee & clothes swapping party?  {p.s.  If you do this, please invite me.}

Check out consignment:  There are lots of little kids consignment shops popping up around the area, but if you’re short on time there are lots of great online sites like Schoola & thredUP.  Schoola is unique because you can donate clothes that your kids have outgrown and when they sell a large portion of the sale goes to your school.  Right now through 8/19, Schoola is offering free shipping: use code GEARUP at checkout.  

Shop the sales flyers.  Who can resist the glossy pages of the Target flyer?!  When Target has a great sale on leggings, I stock up and now is one of the best times to stock up on more than just the classroom list.  When will you ever see crayons for less than a $1 again?   

Online Flash Sales.  We get a lot of emails from stores, especially during the back-to-school season BUT this is a good time to open them because brands may feature your favorite products in a flash sale.  A flash sale may only be one or two days long, like these adorable backpacks:

Back to School Money Saving Coupons:  One of the best things about writing this website is that I get access to offers that I can pass directly on to YOU!  You can get even more coupons HERE.  


What tips and tricks do you have for saving money for back-to-school season? Share them in the comments below!

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