This post is sponsored by Build Your Influence Summit and its sponsor Aweber.  All opinions on growing your email community are my own.  #BYISummit15 #sponsoredhand writing email list

Community Building

When you start a blog, if your sole intention is to broadcast your opinions all over the internet and social media then you might be doing it for the wrong reasons.  Successful blogs are built around COMMUNITY.  Likewise, growing your social networks should also be about COMMUNITY and not just how many likes you can acquire.

There are plenty of resources available that will teach you how to grow an online community, but the best way to learn is by attending conferences and learning from peer experts.  Build Your Influence Summithosted in Tannersville, PA on September 26 & 27, 2015 is a great resource for all things social media and blogging.  With conference sponsors like AWeber, you will learn how to build your community and influence one blog post, one amazing picture, one SEO packed sentence, one outstanding email newsletter at a time.  

In person events are a great way to build your email community!

In person events are a great way to build your email community!

Email Marketing to Grow & Enhance Your Blog

Ask any social media guru out there and they’ll tell you that your success online is in list building, list building, list building.  But is your ultimate goal just to collect a bunch of email addresses of people who may or may not be interested in what you have to say or sell?  The answer is “absolutely not”!  If you want to grow a community of engaged readers, then you want to do it the right way.  

Aweber is a great tool and service to help you grow your audience and convert readers into loyal followers and customers {for those of you with a product to sell}.  There are lots of ways to send an email to your community list, but because inboxes are flooded daily it’s important to rise above the noise.  Aweber’s email service can help you do just that AND get delivered to the inbox and not the dreaded spam folder!

I like that AWeber offers tutorials on setting up your marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.  Who doesn’t love to watch a video on how to get it done right the first time!?  You know what else?  AWeber has tools that fully integrate into your websites and social media pages making growing your email community a smooth and painless process.  

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If growing a dedicated community of readers or customers is one of your business goals, then I want to hear from you!  Tell me in the comments about your success {and failures, too!} with email marketing!