I’m teaming up with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to speak out for students across Pennsylvania. Although I am receiving some form of compensation, all opinions remain my own. #FairFundingPA

As parents, we want the best for our kids – the best experiences that life has to offer and the best schools that we can afford.  For some, this means enrolling in private schools, but for many of us it means choosing to live in a town that has an excellent public school.  The Susquehanna Valley is blessed to have exceptional offerings, but each one receives funding in a different way.  The Lewisburg Area School District receives 24 percent of its funding from the state, while our neighboring school district receives twice that percentage.

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Why is that? Pennsylvania is one of three states in the US without a Basic Education funding formula.  Our current funding system is unpredictable and fails to provide enough resources to educate all students to academic standards, produces racial disparities and a wide gap between the wealthiest and poorest schools.  This makes it difficult for school districts to adequately plan from year to year. 

Why does it all matter?  To put it simply…every child deserves a chance to succeed no matter if they’re from rural Pennsylvania or inner-city Philadelphia.

As my child grows, and with the building of our new high school, I am assured that Ellie will always have access to the best resources that a school can offer.  Our district continues to improve its sports complexes, science labs, music programs, and offers programs that speak to children’s natural affinities. 

Let’s talk about how you can get involved!


Twitter Chat

Get involved in the Campaign for Fair Funding without leaving home by joining us on Monday, June 15 at 1 pm for a Twitter Chat.  Simply follow @FairFundingPA & @CEOSara {that’s me!} and learn more facts about the mission to get all students the education they deserve.  Be sure to follow the campaign hashtag & tag your contributions with: #FairFundingPA

Speaking of Twitter, tweet your state legislator with the following message:  Please enact a public school funding system that gives every child a fair chance to meet academic standards #FairFundingPA

You can search for your representative’s Twitter contact information here by simply entering your zip code. 



Rally for Fair Funding in Harrisburg

On Tuesday, June 23 the Campaign for Fair Education Funding along with hundreds of parents, students, teachers, and community leaders from across the state will rally for fair education funding at the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

The message is simple: Harrisburg’s top priority this year must be enacting a new system that provides sufficient funding for public schools so every child has an opportunity to learn. In addition, state funding MUST be driven out to districts using a formula that is based on the real costs of delivering services to students.

WHO:  The Campaign for Fair Education Funding
WHAT: Rally for Fair Funding
WHERE:  The state Capitol, Harrisburg
WHEN: Tuesday, June 23 (12 p.m. press conference)
WHY: We cannot afford to let our students fall behind


Write your State Legislator

You don’t have to write an elaborate handwritten letter to make a difference.  Simply look up your state legislator here and let them know that fair funding for education should be a top priority in Harrisburg!

Stay in Touch

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Our kindergarten class on their end of year field trip.

Our kindergarten class on their end of year field trip.

It’s time to address student poverty and take into account students who are experiencing homelessness & foster care placement.  It’s time to direct funding to districts and students based on real costs and address these issues.