My kids are crazy about cozy spaces… blanket forts, beds covered in stuffed animals, tents, you name it.  With my girls, their imaginations seem to really soar when I help them add a cozy place to play, but unfortunately our house is just too small for a permanent blanket fort.   

For Christmas, they’re going to be so excited when they see this amazing Discovery Kids teepee tent next to the tree!  They’re going to love it because it’s big and just waiting for an adventure and I love it because it stores easily but also looks stylish hanging out around the house.   

The chevron printed canvas is strong and the carefully sewn rod pockets hold the wooden dowels securely.  Just a quick tie of a string at the top and the kids are ready to play, nap, or READ inside.  My girls won’t outgrow it too soon because it stands five feet high.  

It’s super easy to put together and the packaging includes an instruction sheet.  Once you attach the wooden dowels together and insert the poles into the canvas, there’s never a need to take it apart.  You can simply untie the top, gather the poles, and tuck it behind a door, in a closet, or store it under the bed.  

IMG_8812You won’t be disappointed with the quality of this teepee tent.  I can’t wait to see the girls’ faces on Christmas morning.  I just hope they’re ready to compete with me for occupancy!!