I’m teaming up with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to speak out for students across Pennsylvania.  Although I am receiving compensation for my time, all opinions remain my own. #FairFundingPA

Yesterday as I listened to my daughter & her kindergarten classmates read storybooks that they authored, it reminded me of how special the schools are in our community.  We are blessed to call the Lewisburg Area School District home – a school district that prides itself on excellence. 

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Not only are our shelves filled with books and art supplies, we are blessed to have computer labs, science labs, iPad carts, laptop programs, sports, and one of the best music programs in the country. 

Not all school communities look the same in Pennsylvania – in fact, you needn’t travel far to find schools that are cutting programs, laying off teachers, or operating without much needed supplies due to lack of funding.  From inner city schools to rural country schools, there are far too many schools trying to make ends meet and falling short.  Would you guess that Pennsylvania has the widest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts in any state in the country? 

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Our state does not have a funding formula and along with state funding cuts, Pennsylvania students are getting hit hard.  According to a recent report, 93 percent of school districts reduced staff, 50 percent furloughed teachers or other staff, 74 percent cut or reduced at least one academic program, and 57 percent increased class size.  Less teachers, more students per class – got that?

Campaign for Fair Education Funding Mission

Where does school funding come from in the state of Pennsylvania, and how is it dispersed?  These are all questions that the Campaign for Fair Education Funding seeks to answer.  To ensure that the state adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding of public education by 2016 is the mission of this group. Each “public school in the state must have the resources necessary to enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults.” 

Who are the Members?

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding is statewide and not affiliated with any political party, instead it is a non-partisan effort made up of organizations that represent PA from every corner of our great state. With more than 50 education advocacy organizations including teachers & school administrators, along with representatives of charter schools and traditional public schools, people with urban and rural interests, faith-based and community groups, the list of members on this campaign is wide.  You can see the full list here.

Get Involved!

Getting involved is simple!  There’s no need to run to Harrisburg  – you can get all the information that you need at FairFundingPA.org/get-involved

  • Sign up for the campaign’s e-newsletter & stay informed!
  • Write to our local legislators and urge them to prioritize this issue
  • Listen to the voices of the children across our state at Hear-Me.net


Hear Me Project

The Hear Me Project is an opportunity for students to use their voice to inact change in Pennsylvania schools.  The girls were happy to share their experiences – it’s important to hear from both excellent schools and under performing schools so that decision makers can see & hear what schools are doing right. 

Ellie & Emily’s Hear Me Story

You can hear what Emily & Ellie have to say about Kelly Elementary above, but if you’re curious about student experiences across the state then I encourage you to visit Hear-Me, part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Create Lab giving kids the power to inspire social change. 

Let’s work together to so that every kid can be hometown proud & every school district can be one of excellence.