In a previous post, I may have mentioned that my kids are obsessed with Shopkins.  Like the beanie baby craze of the 90’s, I often find myself {as a parent!} totally sucked into the madness.  

shopkins display in New York City Times Square Toys R US

They are cute, the blind baskets are fun to open, they have adorable names {which my daughter never fails to remember}, and the playsets are clever. Did I mention that season 4 blind baskets are now available?  They’re crates and they stack… and my seven year old has promised to clean up her playroom after school today.  Best $3 I will ever spend.  

BUT…I’m not here to write about just any Shopkins — I am here to tell you about something brand new and nearly impossible {hurry to my Amazon link!} to find ten days before Christmas:  Shopkins Kinstruction sets.  


I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I want to open this Shopville Town Center box and start building, but my sweet 7 year old is receiving this as a Christmas present. {Please don’t tell her!}  She will most definitely want to make a video about this, so circle back with us on December 26th.  

Why It’s Awesome

All Shopkins playsets are interactive and encourage children to use their imagination, but this is the first kind for girls to build their playset.  The building bricks are much like legos and include an instruction sheet to build the design.  After your kids build it is when even more fun can be had — this is not designed to just sit around.  



All the characters have little holes on their underside so they can attach onto the topside of a brick.  Your kids can add their favorite Shopkins to the bakery, take Chap Elly for a ride in the cart, or add some convenience items Shopkins to the Mini Mart.  

This toy will be such a fun addition to your kids’ Shopkins collection… or in our case, our growing village!