Finding your kiddo with a screwdriver in their hand will either make you proud or send you into a total panic depending on your parenting style.  Plastic tool kits just don’t seem to cut it — kids want the real deal!  You know this is true if you’ve ever found your Phillips head in the toy box.  That’s why I love this tool kit from Moulin Roty.  Hand crafted at a cooperative in France {yes, Europe!}, the authentic quality of the tools make for hours of fun.

On Thursday afternoons, the girls love to play in the backyard with friends.  I collected boxes for them at their request so that they could build their own little box village.  It’s always fun to sit back and watch them create.  

These tools are perfect for little hands.  Yes, the screwdrivers are sharp so it’s important to teach children how to handle them correctly.  The saw is sharp enough to cut cardboard, but not much else and that’s a good thing!  


This tool box is filled with enough hand tools for friends to share.  The saw and hammer are a favorite with my little builders!



The girls spent more than an hour building a daycare center for the stuffed animals & I’m pretty sure Lizzie just wanted to make a fort for herself.  IMG_7881

Who needs a box cutter when you can get the remodeling job done with a hammer?IMG_7890

Welcome to Fort Lizzie!  It’s rare that a two year old would be included in the fun of her first grader sister & her friend.  Building allows everyone to create their own projects that compliment the other.  IMG_7894

As a mom, I love that the tools in this kit fit neatly back into the wooden storage case.  The storage case is so attractive that it’s fun to have it sitting out until the next time the kiddos get the creative bug OR want to use the screwdriver to change out the batteries in a toy, fix a door, or hang a picture.  Okay, maybe not hang a picture, but that’s a pretty sweet tack hammer!  IMG_7898

You have our vote, Moulin Roty!  An authentic toy that promotes creativity, cooperation, independence, & ingenuity.  

Find even more great Moulin Roty toys online at Bonjour Petit!