I was provided with compensation and product on behalf of AquaBall, but all opinions are 100% my own.  With AquaBall, let’s #CutTheSugar but #KeepTheFun this summer!

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy!  

Our first week of summer vacation has been a fun one with an overnight camping trip, visits to the swimming pool, an afternoon of bounce houses, a music concert, and lots of time spent outdoors.   As a mom, it’s hard not to think of myself as the children’s activities director – if I don’t plan something or make suggestions on play they will end up glued to the television!  

It’s the same with our food choices, too.  At school, Ellie had to eat what I packed her but now that she’s home there are many requests for foods that she sees at the store.  There are so many foods marketed to children that my kids can’t eat because of food allergies so it sure was nice to be able to say YES to AquaBall water bottles!  

keep kids hydrated give them aquaball #keepthefunCheck it out!  It’s all the kids’ favorite characters on the outside of a water bottle that’s loaded with GOOD things to keep them hydrated while they PLAY.  It was a balmy 93 degrees yesterday while the girls cruised around the backyard in their Barbie Jeep — a perfect opportunity to crack open a cold AquaBall water.  Lizzie chose a Frozen themed bottle while Ellie picked her favorite princess, Rapunzel.  

cutthesugar keepthefun aquaball water

What’s so special about AquaBall?  It’s flavored water designed for kids with ZERO sugar {just a touch of Stevia} and loaded with Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, & B12.  The fruit flavoring is sourced naturally from fruits & berries and it gets the “Mickey Check” seal of approval meaning that it meets nutritional guidelines necessary to use Disney characters on the product.  Characters you can count on, Moms!  

aquaball for the pool #cutthesugar #keepthefun

With different flavors and characters to speak to each kiddo, they’ll love the Berry, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Grape flavors.  At 12 ounces each, it’s enough water to properly hydrate your big kids, too!  And Aquaball… well, they’re serious about hydration.  

American kids don’t drink enough water.  Only 15% of kids ages 9-13  and 25% of kids ages 4-8 are drinking the recommended amount of water.  Kids NEED TO DRINK PLAIN WATER and when they’re tired of plain water, reaching for AquaBall flavored water can be a real treat.  Juice is great, but drinking it all day long racks up too much sugar for kids.  

AquaBall gets kids excited about drinking water & it’s reasonably priced making it easy to say YES to on your next grocery trip.  If you keep in touch with AquaBall on their social media channels, you’ll find that they frequently host product giveaways.  

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Keep them hydrated this summer, Moms!  

What fun tips do you have for getting your kids to drink water?