Ask any mom with more than one child and they’ll tell you that there’s never a “perfect” age for potty training.  So, how do you know when to potty train your toddler?  It’s all about timing… and patience.  Lots and lots of patience.


  • Get a little potty.  Initially, it’s a great idea to buy your toddler a small potty that’s just their size.  {I have a vivid memory of falling into the toilet as a toddler… not cool.}  There are lots of great options featuring kids’ favorite characters like Mickey, Minnie, Pooh Bear, and even Disney Princesses.  If you opt for a plain potty, you could let your toddler decorate it with stickers or personalize it with their name.
  • Put your potty where you spend the most time.  If you have a downstairs powder room, you’re golden.  If you’re like me in a house built in the 1850’s, you’ll want to place your potty where you can have quick and easy access during the day.
  • Diapers, Pull-ups, or Big Kid Undies.  Absorbent & disposable training pants sure make life easier for parents, but not all kids get the concept that they need to keep them dry.  I recommend Gerber Training Pants because they look like underwear, but also offer some absorbency making less mess for mom in the case of an accident.
  • Schedule Potty Breaks.  You may opt to let your kids go commando during the training period, but either way it’s important to schedule regular potty breaks and get your little ones to try to use the potty.  Praise them for trying and be patient if their efforts are on your floor.  Nothing good ever comes from scolding a potty training child.
  • Incentives.  Depending on the age of your child, a small reward could be offered for successfully using the potty.  Stickers, a trip to a playground {bring your potty with you!}, or even a small treat like a mini-marshmallow or an M&M might be just the incentive that your toddler needs to get the job done.
  • Consistency.   This may seem ridiculous, but it may be to your benefit to travel with your little potty if you’re going on any extended trips like to grandma’s house or church.  Having an extra little potty in the back of our car saved us many, many times when our oldest daughter couldn’t wait to go.  

You’ve got this, Mom!  Pick a date, put it on your calendar, & enjoy your potty training boot camp!