I was in kindergarten when the Care Bears first stared down evil villains and saved hearts in the name of love and friendship.  We played Care Bears everything – imagine my five year old self running around at recess poking my belly out yelling, “Care Bear countdown!!  3-2-1… stare!”  IMG_8809I may have had something to do with the recent introduction of Care Bears to my daughters, ages 7 and 2.  Who wouldn’t want their kids to get interested in characters who cherish friendship and cooperation?  It started with binge watching the new Care Bears series on Netflix, which is much better than the cartoons of my generation.  The good vs. evil dynamic has been replaced by episodes that show the Care Bears working together to solve a problem.  

When I attended a blogging conference in the summer, I went to a party where I got to see all the new Care Bears toys up close & personal.  One of those toys are the Sing-a-Long Care Bears that you see in the above picture.  They have sweet voices and when they start singing together, they eventually sync up!  How fun is that?  


If you’re wondering how much cash this is going to set you back, you’ll be pleased to know that Sing-a-Long Care Bears are less than $30.  You can snag one on Amazon or pick one up at Target this week for $26.99.   

Looking for stocking stuffers?  Don’t forget to scoop up some Care Bears blind bags.  For about $3, each bag contains one character that kids can collect.  You can still find Season 1 bears at The Dollar General and Season 2 bears are available at Walmart & Target.  

Here’s a video the kids did in the summer opening Care Bears blind bags!