From the creator of Super Why! and Blue’s Clues comes a new animated preschool series that will seriously have your preschoolers begging to binge watch the entire season.  Creator Angela Santomero brings a new brand of magic with the story of Bianca, her teddy bear Bob, and her ability to “wishenpoof” in this new Amazon Original Kids Series, Wishenpoof available for Prime members through Amazon Prime.

Amazon original kids series Wishenpoof

Disclosure: My kids love to watch television, but as parents we know that not all programs are created the same or share the same messages.  I was compensated by KidzVuz on behalf of Amazon’s Original Kids Series Wishenproof to bring you this honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Too often, shows aimed towards younger children feature story lines in which the children try to outwit the parents or contain some kind of sassy back talk.  I’m sure you have seen and heard these shows!  

Wishenpoof, set in Wish World, features sweet little Bianca who in most ways is just like other kids — she draws, plays soccer, and has lots of friends at school.  What makes her unique is that she carries a secret family trait — the ability to make wishes come true!  The magic that she creates is more about showcasing her creativity, kindness towards others, and her problem solving abilities rather than just fixing everything with magic. 

Lizzie, my two year old, and I watched Wishenpoof together and there are several things that I noticed…

  • Bianca engages with at home viewers by asking questions & giving pause for response.
  • Bianca speaks directly to children on screen & gets closer as if telling a secret.
  • Bob the teddy bear is laugh out loud funny!

wishenpoof animated kids series bob teddy bear bianca

There’s lots of music in Wishenpoof that you won’t mind if it gets stuck in your head for a few days.  With messages like, “no mountain too high, you just have to try” and “I believe in me”, this kind of encouragement is perfect for little people who often get frustrated navigating their days.  With story lines that help children overcome the normal fear and anxiety that accompany a new task, you will easily see why this series will be popular with your preschooler.  



Ready to watch Wishenpoof?  This series is available beginning on August 14 for Prime members and can be watched  ad-free with the Amazon Video app for televisions, connected devices and mobile devices, or online at at no additional cost to your membership.  If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial at  Wishenpoof will also be available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which is available exclusively on Amazon devices including Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets.  

Magic or no magic, all kids have the power to make good choices, to be a good friend, and use their creativity & imagination.  Be sure to check out this great show and let me know how much your kids love it!