block playAs a mom and former early childhood teacher, there’s a special place in my heart for simple wooden toys and especially for wooden blocks.  They don’t require batteries, they won’t rupture your ear drums {except for the rare case when King Kong or T-Rex make a special visit to knock down a tower or two}, and they allow kids to really channel their creativity.



When my first gal was a preschooler, she would sit for hours working with her blocks.  Now it’s my toddler’s turn and she is every bit as interested as her sister.  To keep the blocks from getting boring, we often add other toys like cars, small dolls, or little animals into the basket to mix things up.  The kids love Melissa & Doug’s Whittle people  as add-ons to play — this little wooden family is always part of the fun.

The girls have built houses and then continued to build a backyard trampoline, a treehouse, and finally “an entire village”.  I am constantly amazed at what unique places and spaces they create!

wooden blocks for toddlers preschoolers

Block play encourages these skills:

  • eye-hand coordination
  • an understanding of balance and space relations
  • small muscle coordination
  • math concepts of classification, size, shape, balance
  • vocabulary
  • creativity
  • dramatic play

What creative things have your kiddos come up with in their playrooom?  Leave a comment or email us a photo and we’ll post it to our Facebook page!