Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania

crayola experience in easton pennsylvania

For kids who love art and parents who love the smell of a brand new box of crayons, there’s an experience that you won’t want to miss at the Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania. One of our favorite and absolutely most colorful places that we love to go is to the Crayola Experience for an afternoon filled with unique art adventures. With four floors of activities and experiences, it’s one part art studio mixed with one part interactive museum and kids LOVE it. Since it’s larger than a football field, you’ll need between three and four hours to experience it all.

Things to Do at Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania

With over 65,000 square feet of attractions, the Crayola Experience is a place where the magic of Crayola comes to life. It’s whimsical and charming and a place where children are encouraged to be creative and touch the exhibits.

crayola experience in easton pennsylvania

Activity Studio & Spin Art

When you visit the Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania you’ll want to bring a small tote bag along with you to carry home all the masterpieces that your children create throughout the experience. The Activity Studio features some open-ended art experiences designed for kids to cut, color, & paste. The Spin Art is exactly what you’d imagine, but with melted wax instead of paint. No one will judge you if you want to make some drippy spin art, too. The results are pretty fantastic.

crayola experience easton pa

Learn How Crayons Are Made

As part of their theater program at Crayola Experience, you’re invited to meet Scarlet & Turk (short for Turquoise), their animated crayon friends, and learn about how crayons are made with the help of the resident Crayonologist. You’ll discover the history and inner workings of Crayola crayons, as well as some lesser-known facts about the world’s most famous colorful tools manufactured just down the road in Easton, PA.

CE Map Easton 2021 WEB 1

As you can see from the map, there are a multitude of activities located throughout the four floors of the Crayola Experience. You’ll want to make sure you take a picture with Big Blue the enormous crayon & spend some time at The Playground. A hint for parents… the Playground area is a great place for you to sit and rest for a minute while they burn off all that energy.

crayola experience in easton pennsylvania big blue

Some additional favorites of ours include:

Create your own coloring page where you’re the star ( the grownups made one, too!)
Name and wrap your very own Crayola crayon (harder than naming your firstborn!)
Play in the water at Waterworks (fun & informative)

crayola experience in easton pennsylvania

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Like all museums and experiences for children, there is (of course) a gift shop when you exit the Crayola Experience and it’s an awesome one. We’re big fans of art at Family Fun, so we rarely say no to souvenirs that inspire hours of creativity. We couldn’t resist coming home with some new art pens, markers, and a couple of tee shirts.

Hours & Admission Tickets

The Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania is open every day of the year. You can purchase tickets in the foyer of the experience, or you can purchase tickets online and receive a discounted rate off the price of regular admission. With Family Fun’s affiliation with Crayola Experience, you can buy tickets for just $21.50. If you live close enough, you may want to consider an annual pass. Annual passes come with lots of perks, too!

crayola experience in pa
The Crayola brand has always been special to our family and we can’t recommend the Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania enough. It’s fun for all ages and a great place to spend the day interacting with your children in a colorful and unique atmosphere. Chances are, they’ll sleep well that night, too.

If you decide to take a visit to the Crayola Experience, we want to know all about it. Leave us a comment and be sure to go to the Directory Listing and rate your experience.

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