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Shopkins Fashion Spree Makeup Spot

It’s no secret that Shopkins are HOT… and with the holiday season upon us, they are certain to be top priority on Santa’s list.  What started in our house with an obsession with blind baskets, transitioned into building a whole village of Shopkins fun.  One of the fun Shopkins playsets for kids is the Shopkins Fashion Spree Makeup Spot.  How fun is it?  Check out Ellie’s review...

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Tame the Stuffed Animals With This DIY Storage Idea

My kids are obsessed with stuffed animals.  If given the opportunity, they would start a foundation for under-played-with and neglected stuffed animals or their own stuffed animal rescue society. Taming the animals in a too-small house became one of my first missions, because tripping over a litter of stuffed kittens isn’t fun.  We needed a stuffed animal storage solution – something other than another toy storage bin that gets junked up.  I decided to create my own stuffed animal storage because *this* girl loves to play with powertools. Here are some materials that you’ll need for this project: 1...

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Top Ten Signs You Might Have a Toddler

Being a mom is messy business, no matter what age or phase your children are in.  Living with a toddler, especially one with hurricane force winds destroying everything in her path, well… that can bring a mom to her knees.  To her knees… with a roll of paper towels.  It’s just a phase, Mom.  These things, too, will pass.  Eventually.    1.  If you’ve ever vacuumed your kitchen counter… you might have a toddler. 2.  If you’ve ever fished an earring out of your toaster… you might have a toddler. 3.  If you find yourself thinking of the boo-boo...

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I Gave My Kids a Hammer & a Saw For Some Serious Backyard Fun

Finding your kiddo with a screwdriver in their hand will either make you proud or send you into a total panic depending on your parenting style.  Plastic tool kits just don’t seem to cut it — kids want the real deal!  You know this is true if you’ve ever found your Phillips head in the toy box.  That’s why I love this tool kit from Moulin Roty.  Hand crafted at a cooperative in France {yes, Europe!}, the authentic quality of the tools make for hours of fun. On Thursday afternoons, the girls love to play in the backyard with...

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Blogging Support: Build a Community with Aweber!

    This post is sponsored by Build Your Influence Summit and its sponsor Aweber.  All opinions on growing your email community are my own.  #BYISummit15 #sponsored Community Building When you start a blog, if your sole intention is to broadcast your opinions all over the internet and social media then you might be doing it for the wrong reasons.  Successful blogs are built around COMMUNITY.  Likewise, growing your social networks should also be about COMMUNITY and not just how many likes you can acquire. There are plenty of resources available that will teach you how to grow an online...

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